Answering request from “Walking Eagle” with the Bullhorn

“Why don’t you respect the will of the people here in Hawaii that they permit and profit from being American citizens? and allowing the use of PTA by the beloved military?  I dare you to answer this on your website…” Woody Harper (pro-war “Walking Eagle” with the Bullhorn in support of bombing Pohakuloa)

My answer:  In 1893 the independent nation of Hawaii was illegally overthrown by U.S. business interests (sugar) with the assistance of the U.S. military.  In 1897 a petition signed by 95% of Hawaii’s population (can be found in US archives) opposed annexation.  The elite business interests and the US went forward with annexation in 1898 anyway, ignoring THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.  But NO treaty of annexation ever passed the U.S. senate, as required by the U.S. Constitution in acquiring territory.  Therefore, Hawaii never legally became a territory of the U.S. and could never legally become a state.  Today the U.S. continues to occupy the nation of Hawaii illegally and has imposed a massive settler population on an independent country.  So when Mr. “Bullhorn” Woody speaks loudly of “the beloved military.” he is speaking from an illegal occupier/settler viewpoint and he wants the illegal Occupiers to determine “the will of the people.”  This same U.S. viewpoint and mentality is at work on a much larger scale.  U.S. economic interests under the cover of “freedom and democracy,” are imposing their will all over the world today.  The real answer is to end the illegal U.S. occupation of the independent nation of Hawaii.

Jim Albertini