Repeal/Abolish the PLDC looting Public Lands

Aloha fiends of justice and peace,
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Jim Albertini
The ONLY way to scrap the dangerous “Public Land Development Corporation” is for a HUGE majority of Hawai’i residents (and their friends) contact their legislators and ask them to “Repeal the PLDC”.
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If your legislator is NEW, contact them by either “rep” or sen” – their last name, plus, – or contact them all here:,
Individual addresses below.

***Here is a list of “highlights,” of the individual testimony at the PLDC hearing in Honolulu, yesterday. This will grow, but for now there are 8 clips in it:
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Senator emails/phone;
Representative emails/phones;
***  FOR EXTRA CREDITCALL THEM OFTEN, TOLL FREE, starting Jan. 17th, to check on the status of the repeal bills!
587-0478 O’ahu
From the Neighbor Islands, dial toll free:
974-4000 Hawai`i
984-2400 Maui
274-3141 Kaua`i
1-800-468-4644 Moloka`i/Lana`i:

After the recorded message you will hear a dial tone – now add the last 5 numbers of your legislator – plus the # sign to connect.

(808) 587-0793 fax

Petition: https://www.
One of the most important things is the central theme of my latest book, Beyond Outrage: Nothing good happens in Washington, or for that matter, in state capitals, unless good people outside Washington or those state capitals make it happen. Unless they push very hard. Unless they’re organized, mobilized, and energized to force the political system to respond. The rest of us have to do more than simply vote, pay our taxes, and respond to summonses to be on juries. Citizenship goes far beyond those three. We’ve got to insist on being heard.–Robert Reich

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.   ~ Anne Frank

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