Beware of Killer Drones — MQ-9 Reaper!


Endless Wars for Resources?

      The Race for What’s Left, by Michael Klare describes intensifying struggles among industrialized nations for access to oil, clearly with the full intention of industrialized nations to burn up as much of it as possible. Klare calls for a crash plan to develop renewable energy sources and other basic materials. A dramatically urgent program to cut burning of fossil fuels is needed, not only for peace but to stop global warming.

AMERICAN LEGACY by Steve Fryburg

      Currently, the US government is bent on using its military (at more than $1 trillion a year) to gain and hold access to oil and other resources worldwide. The drone has a unique role in this drive for control because, unlike any other weapon, it can monitor the lives of individuals and groups for days on end and kill by remote control at a moment’s notice, without any accountability. US drones are attacking now in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Uganda and the Philippines, in absolute disregard for international law and the US Constitution. Thousands of people have been killed by drones and tens of thousands are living drone-terrorized lives. Military drone training takes place on Oahu, and at the Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA) in the center of Hawaii Island.

      If we are to begin a serious, effective mobilization to get off fossil fuels, we must first close the door to the use of the military to “capture” oil. Military action for access to oil must no longer be an option. A ban on drone surveillance and killer drones worldwide can be and must be the first step in that direction. For more info see

Drones Kill Innocent People!

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