Days to Remember!

January 17, 2010 — Illegal overthrow of Hawaii’s Queen Liliu’okalani
in 1893 and beginning occupation of the independent Nation of Hawaii by
the U.S. that continues to this day.

“The people to whom your fathers told of the living God, and taught to
call ‘Father,’ and whom the sons now seek to despoil and destroy, are
crying aloud to Him in their time of trouble; and He will keep His
promise, and will listen to the voices of His Hawaiian children
lamenting for their homes.”
Queen Liliu’okalani


January 18, 2010 — Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

Apostle of non-violence shot and killed April 4, 1968 for his commitment
as a non-violent activist in opposing racism, the war in Vietnam, and
economic injustice .

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the
silence of our friends.”   MLK, Jr.

Stop All the Wars!

End all Occupations!

“No Lie Can Live Forever.”

1.  Mourn all victims of violence. 2. Reject war as a solution. 3.
Defend civil liberties. 4. Oppose all discrimination, anti-Islamic,
anti-Semitic, etc. 5. Seek peace through justice in Hawai`i and around
the world.