De-militarize Hawaii!

Army Seeks Long-Term State

Lease of Hawaiian Kingdom

Crown Lands at Pohakuloa

On Wednesday. March 20, 2013 Hawaiian national leader, Isaac Harp, and peace activist, Jim Albertini, met at the 133,000-acre military Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA) in the center of Hawaii island with military leaders to discuss a range of concerns. The meeting was cordial.  The military’s delegation included the PTA base commander, Lt. Col. Eric Shwedo, the Command’s Sgt Maj. Alan Higgs, and PTA Safety Officer, Tim Keller.

      Among the concerns raised by Albertini and Harp were why the Army is seeking to renegotiate a long-term State lease of lands at Pohakuloa, lands currently leased for $1.00 with an expiration date of 2029? And by what authority are Hawaiian Kingdom Crown lands being leased?  The officers offered no clear explanations.

     Other points raised: Citizens deserve answers to dozens of questions submitted to the Army in writing since 2007 that have gone unanswered; what are the current number of live-rounds fired annually at PTA? Military documents, more than 5 years old  say up to 14. 8 million live-rounds annually;  list Depleted Uranium (DU) spotting rounds as well as DU cartridge penetrator rounds (if any) that have been fired at PTA in addition to the Davy Crockett DU spotting rounds; the military confirmed the use of Sparrow and Raven Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) commonly called drones at PTA; why has the military failed to respond to 8 actions called for by Hawaii County Council, resolution 639-08 passed on July 2, 2008 that included a halt to all live-fire and clean up of DU contamination present at PTA; would the military provide 24-hour urine tests for personnel at PTA to check for uranium exposure?

      Isaac Harp presented a 3 page press release dated Dec. 10, 2012 by David Keanu Sai, Ph.D. concerning United Nations and the International Criminal Court involvement over the prolonged and illegal occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom by the United States. It detailed various war crimes for which individuals may be prosecuted. In addition, Harp presented summarized facts about invalid US executive orders, the State of Hawaii and counties possessing no lawful jurisdiction over Hawaiian Kingdom lands, and listed proposed actions and specific requests for information, and access to cultural and historic sites.

      The military said they would review all of our concerns and get back to us, (hopefully before their lease expires!)

Aloha ‘Aina!  Stop the

Bombing Now!

Don’t Renew — Cancel the

Unlawful PTA Lease!

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