Public Rest Room (LUA) VICTORY

Hilo Federal Building public pot to pee-in to appear forthwith

A voice mail was left for me on Feb. 3, 2010 from Alan Yamamoto of Sen. Inouye’s office that signage will be posted today with directions to a public men’s room at he Hilo downtown Federal Building.
Finally, finally, finally –government in action. See below for background.

Press Release February 2, 2010
Re: No pot to pee in at Hilo’s downtown Federal Building
further contact: Jim Albertini 966-7622

Hilo’s downtown Federal Building that houses the Post office and numerous other Federal offices has been without a public men’s room for several months.    The Building is undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation but remains open.

Local Peace activist, Jim Albertini, who on behalf of Malu ‘Aina, has been conducting a weekly peace vigil fronting the building for 437 weeks (going on 9 years) every Friday from 3:30-5PM said he’s “peeved.”  Albertini said, “it is a disgrace that a port-a-toilet hasn’t been provided. It shows a lack of consideration, even contempt, for the public.  The government can spend trillions of tax dollars on wars for empire, and bailing out wall street bankers, but can’t even provide a toilet for it’s citizens in a major government building.” Albertini said he called the Congressional offices of Dan Inouye and Mazie Hirono to demand action.  Albertini said he voiced his concern to the security guard at the Hilo Federal Building and was told that the public “women’s rest room” would also be closing soon.  When the security guard was asked who was in charge of the building, he said GSA in Honolulu.

Albertini wonders why the construction contractor hasn’t provided a port-a-toilet for the public, or if federal employees in the building have spoken up for the public.  Albertini said “the security guard told me that the construction company workers use a private restroom in the building.  When asked why that restroom couldn’t be opened for the public, the security guard said he didn’t know.”

Albertini said “the no-rest-room is a minor issue compared to the slaughter of war, but it becomes a major concern when someone needs a rest room.  Congress certainly takes good care of themselves with federal spending.   You can be sure they will never be without.  In fact, Congress recently voted themselves a pay raise but announced a 2 year freeze in social security cost of living increases for ordinary senior citizens.  So much for “sharing the pain.”  The arrogance of those in government can be astounding.”