Support Mauna Kea: NO TMT

Please pass the word to others on this.  Mahalo.
Jim Albertini

On Monday, December 2, 2013 2:07 PM, Nelson Ho <> wrote:

Important decisions affecting Mauna Kea’s Future will be made in Hilo
and Honolulu on Friday the 13th, 2013. Spooky. Mark this date in your

In Hilo, State Judge Nakamura’s Courtroom at 9 a.m. arguments will
be heard to overturn the BLNR permit allowing the180 feet tall 30
Meter Telescope, proposed to be built facing Waimea Town.

Will Mauna Kea be handed over to the University “gratis” for another
65 years of despoliation and industrialization, with little DLNR
oversight? If you are there, Attend the Honolulu BLNR hearing, 9 a.m.
at their office building (despite having to make that decision on the
island where the land is being leased.)

Please pass this message on to people who care about Mauna Kea and
land use on our aina.


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