Say NO to GMO

Testimony in support of Resolution 272 on Home Rule
9:30 AM Hearing Feb. 19, 2014

Aloha Council members:

Our organization, Malu ‘Aina is in strong support of Home Rule Resolution 272.  We need to stand up to the agro-chemical corporate profiteers and to those in County and State government who are in the pockets of these GMO criminal enterprises that want to cut away our county voice to protect our own health and safety.  I suppose I should not be surprised at how low some people will go to line their own pockets at the expense of future generations.  The world is in terrible shape with unprecedented toxic pollution, climate change, etc. because the precautionary principle has not been followed. The precautionary principle states that when you do not know the full consequences of an action, error on the side of caution.

For the GMO supporters and promoters I have a proposal:  Put your mouth where your money is. Rep. Richard Onishi, Rep Clifton Tsuji, Richard Ha, Eric Weinnert, Senator Malama Solomon, Councilman Dennis Fresh Onishi, Greggor Illigan, J. Yoshimoto, etc. step forward. Demonstrate your corporate loyalty with patriotic vigor.  Volunteer yourself and your family members to Monsanto to be genetically engineered.  Why just support GMO Monsanto round up ready crops, GMO ringspot resistant papaya, etc.  Volunteer to have these and other genetically modified organisms –round up resistant genes fired directly into your own DNA.  And put a new label on yourself. Instead of “Fresh” Onishi, change your name to “Round up Ready” Onishi and go down to the county yard at least once a week and get sprayed with round up  so we the citizens can do a health study of you, not us.   But if you really want to show your commitment as a Genetically Modified Organism, take the experiment to the next level. Brush your teeth with Round Up, wash you clothes with it. Shower in it, put it on your breakfast cereal and rice.  Show the voters what you are really made of.  For the first pro-GMO politician to step forward to become round up ready genetically engineered, I will present you with an “M&M –Monsanto & me” T-shirt with your photo proudly displayed.”

Jim Albertini

Jim Albertini Malu ‘Aina Center For Non-violent Education & Action P.O. Box 489 Ola’a (Kurtistown) Hawai’i 96760 Phone 808-966-7622 Email