Pele & Geothermal

LETTER TO EDITOR Sept. 5, 2014


It is really ironic that the County of Hawaii, State and Feds are “culturally sensitive” all of a sudden to the “diversion ideas,” what ever they maybe, because of desecrating the Goddess Pele? Would it be disrespectful to the Hawaiian people that they were referring to?

In 1983 during our contested case hearing (Court Case) defending the traditional beliefs of Pele, against the proposed 500 megawatts of Geothermal in Kahaualea, Campbell land, it was the birth of Pu’uo’o, right on the drill site being proposed. That was a clear sign that Geothermal was already a concept of desecration and we both continued our presence for years after, to raise those concerns and consciousness, until present to Wao Kele O Puna.

For all of you Hawaiians who thought that the idea of Geothermal was a “gift” and “royalties,” from Pele, “go to Puna and collect!” Her presence has always been the strongest component to our spiritual traditions. Ignorance is not an excuse for desecration.

Palikapu Dedman

Pele Defense Fund