Pele & Geothermal

Pele & Pahoa

With various individuals and entities in recent years supporting geothermal development on Hawaiʻi Island, which many of us equate with the raping of Pele, it is no surprise that Pele, ka luahine moe nonō, the goddess who sleeps in the lava beds, is angry. This is manifested in her actions, described as: Lauahi Pele i kai o Puna, one ʻā kai o Malama – Pele spreads her fire down in Puna, and leaves cinder down in Malama. In fact, like it has happened for many generations, lohiʻau hou ʻo Puna i ke akua wahine, Puna is again set back by the goddess, as her lava flows into the district and slows down the work and progress of the people. Since her arrival, weliweli Puna i ke akua wahine, Puna has dreaded Pele. In particular, makaʻu ka hana hewa i ka uka o Puna, wrongdoings, like the plans for geothermal, are feared in the upland of Puna and known to bring about the wrath of Pele, which is described by Lohiau as follows: Kū ke ʻehu o ka huhū o ka mea hale, nakeke ka ʻauwai i ka inaina. The anger of the house owner rises like the sea spray, and the chin rattles with wrath. Perhaps, a mihi (apology) by those aiming to profit from Peleʻs mana (power) is in order, otherwise Puna may become entirely consumed, pau Puna, ua koʻele ka papa. Puna is ravaged, the foundation crackles.

The above is a post by Ku Kahakalau on Facebook