Protect Mauna Kea Tuesday Oct. 7

Protect Mauna Kea Tuesday Oct. 7

Aloha kakou,

There is a KAHEA (call) by Native Hawaiian practitioners for solidarity to protect the sacred — Mauna Kea.  The KAHEA is to gather peacefully in a spirit of respect at 8AM on Tuesday, Oct. 7th at Pu’u Huluhulu — near the ahu across from the Mauna Kea access road on Saddle Rd.  There will be ceremony, chants, etc. for the Mauna.

At noon there is the official ground breaking for the TMT –Thirty Meter Telescope (18 stories high) on the Mauna.  Some may choose to remain at Pu’u Huluhulu in prayer for the mountain.  Other options include 10AM sign holding in protest of TMT at the 9000 foot visitors center.  Non-violent civil disobedience may be an option.

The important thing is to stand in solidarity against the desecration and destruction planned for the mountain top whatever your choice of witness.   Again, please come in a pono spirit of respect, not only for Mauna A Wakea  but for all people we encounter, even those who are promoting the desecration and destruction.  To show we stand for respecting the mountain, we must respect others in the process.  The means we use must be in line with the end we seek, even if we are treated harshly, disrespected, or worse, in the process.

Please pass the word to others.  Mahalo.
Jim Albertini

PS for more information see Facebook -Protect Mauna kea instagram -@protectmaunakea
(For car pooling from Hilo, meet 7AM Tuesday Oct. 7 at the mauka Puainako and Komohana intersection parking area)

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