Monsanto , Dow, and Big Land owners Buying the Vote in Hawaii

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Maui anti-GMO rally

​( and Forward Progress PAC spent nearly 382,000 to defeat Maui council candidates)

And they’ve still got another week to spend MORE. Holy $#%!

via Autumn Rae Ness
Scroll to the bottom to see that Monsanto and Dow Agrosciences have spent $7,896,163 LYING to the people of Maui.

The “Citizens against the farming ban” campaign is funded entirely by Monsanto, Dow & one other buddy. “Citizens” my ass.

It takes more than $8 mill to hide your dirty secrets.
It takes more than $8 mill to pay us off for making our kids, land and oceans sick.
I’m glad you spent all that money. Now the whole population of Maui will know how scared you are of the TRUTH.

The truth will ALWAYS come out, not matter how many millions of dollars you spend trying to bury it.

> Source:…/20141027205821NC20473SA.html

via Karen Chun
Campaign disclosure is out and, as suspected, Monsanto and Dow are the sole funders of “Citizens Against the Maui Farming Ban”. And wow baby! Did they fund it! $7,896,163 worth!
As of the filing date, Monsanto and Dow had spent a total of $6,335,083.

Question to Maui/Molokai people voting NO on the GMO Initiative: Now that you know that “Citizens Against…” is ENTIRELY funded by Monsanto and Dow and that they’ve paid in $7.9 million to influence you, does that change your opinion?


Ag 2

Looks like the jig is up on this one. Nice try #localfoodcoalition. You may have actually had support for this if you hadn’t had been so #sneaky.

The #2 Ag Amendment on the ballot is just a way for (a) large land owners to get bond funding without dedicating their ag land to actual agriculture, using good groups of smiley young farmers as pawns – who couldn’t qualify for the bonds or loans in the first place.

#isupportsmallfarmers, not sneaky billionaires.

Re: #2 Ag Amendment – Half a million dollars spent to push this amendment – by one guy. WTH?

via Bart Dame
People have been wondering who has been supplying the Big Money behind the campaign to pass the Ag Bonds Con Am.

The spending report by the “Local Food Coalition” is now online.

Here is their organizational report:

And here is their financial disclosure report:

Their org report discloses the names of three officers. Brandon Lee is the Chairman. Murray Clay is the treasurer, Eric Datta is the First Deputy Treasurer. All three are employed by Ulupono Initiative.

The financial disclosure report shows they have raised $505,250. $500K of which came from Ulupono Initiative. They had spent, as of the last day in the reporting period, $352 K, with almost all of it going to Anthology Marketing to run their campaign.

It is fair to say, as I had recently started doing, that the Local Food Coalition is a “wholly-owned” subsidiary of the investment firm, Ulupono Initiatives.

Early statements by supporters of the Coalition had assured us that all their contributions came from “their members.” While, technically, true, that was a statement intended to mislead. The money is all (meaning 99%) coming from Pierre Omidyar.

> Complaint: Hawaii super PAC didn’t report spending


> Corporations, Advocacy Groups Spend Big on Ballot Measures

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