We won one

Great news.  Mahalo  Koohan for passing this along.  Nice to have positive results at lest once in a while.

On 11/12/2014
Date: November 12, 2014 4:40:44 PM HST
Subject: BREAKING NEWS…and it’s GOOD!

     It’s not so often we get to report really good news. Sharon and I met this morning with Brycen Moritsugo, president of College & Career Fair who coincidentally lives on Kaua`i. Then 1/2 hour ago at 3:45 he called up and said he is changing his mind and we, and all the other islands, can represent at the Fair. This has generated a ton of publicity, all negative for HI C & C Fair, from the likes of Jim Albertini, Island Breath, a facebook page generating comments, an ACLU attorney who’s looking into this, the presenters from all the islands  and probably some pissed off students, teachers and parents. We just don’t know what really swung the deal but whatevah!!!

I immediately called Chris D’Angelo at TGI, who had interviewed Brycen, to tell him to hold the story and guess who called Chris immediately after I did?  This is a big win for our statewide progrssive community and it just shows how a united effort can pan out. Kip