Nominated for the Drone Award!

U.S. Killer Drone Policy of

Targeted Assassination


Reaper drone firing

U.S. Reaper Killer Drone firing missile

  Military drones train at the 133,000-acre Pohakuloa Training Center in the center of Hawaii island and other sites in Hawaii

     The Obama administration has released a previously secret 18-page policy guidance document [President Policy Guidance, or PPG] that lays out how potential drone targets may be chosen and approved and the President’s role in the decision-making process… The release comes as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union

     If the target is a US citizen or someone living in the US, or if there is not unanimous agreement among the President’s key national security officials regarding the nomination of the target, it will be submitted to the President for a decision. However, the head of the nominating agency themselves can approve lethal action against a proposed individual if all of the major national security officials unanimously agree it should be undertaken, but the President has to be apprised of the decision.

     Read the full article here Newly released American drone policy explains how US citizens, other targets can be chosen

      They make it sound like you are being nominated for an Oscar or Grammy award, but the reality is that the president and/or the head of the Killer Drone nominating agency and other national security bureaucrats are acting as Judge, Jury, and Executioners. What has happened to due process of law?

More Drone Killings and More War are NOT the Solution to Ending Terrorism.

Drone Killings and War are Terrorism! Why Do Americans Hate Beheadings But Love Drone Killings?

End U.S. military interventions for global control of resources!

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    5. Seek peace through peaceful means and work for justice in Hawai`i and around the world.

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