Hawaiian burial at TMT site on Mauna Kea

Hawaiian burial at TMT site on Mauna Kea

Below is a letter from Hawaiian grassroots leader Palikapu Dedman in defense of his traditional religious practice.  Pali placed iwi (Hawaiian remains) in the ahu (altar) built on the proposed TMT site on Mauna Kea. The letter addresses Richard Ha who is a TMT supporter.


Letter to the Editor
My Ancestor “Iwi”

Never realized a journey with my ancestor like many before me to Mauna Kea in 2015 was going to create such a problem to other Hawaiians.

It saddens me that historically we never learned that Western contact ever cared about who we are as a people. In our time of occupation and colonization we now see results of such generational conditioned Hawaiians. I have never dug up anyone and never will. I just practiced my rights from birth. Being ignorant about Hawaiian traditions is not an excuse, go and learn about it? You do not dictate another Hawaiian family’s practice. My soul purpose on this earth as a Hawaiian is to act and be one. It is not to please you “Ha” on your foreign thinking. I am what I am, “Hawaiian” by definition. I can see the creation of genocide and how they use these Hawaiians as tools to act and speak for them. When a Hawaiian sounds racists to his own kind, is that right? “No.” You are just a racist in a brown outfit. To react in public for help and to support your insecurities is obvious. You “Ha” and other Hawaiians who never got over your Geo push, that never happened and new problems with UHH & TMT. You can’t dress up “pilau.” I do have the law, to protect all of my actions. ARFA, NAGPRA, 1st Amendment, Article XII Section 7. As an E5 three year Vet, I defended all rights mentioned. The burial council on every island has an agenda full of “iwi” that they will reenter some place. I really hope all you concerned Hawaiians show up? Be consistent with your interests. Richard Ha, not all of us are for sale and accept force assimilation jammed down our throats. I have never spoken for you. You are not worth it and never will be. I am speaking of me as a Hawaiian acting and feeling comfortable in my skin. Our problem is not to become westernized, that’s easy. It’s staying Hawaiian to its core, that’s hard. So to all you Neo coconuts, a part of “Ha’s” voyage, go eat and smoke his la’au. You might be enlightened. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!!

Palikapu Dedman,