Aloha ‘Aina Protect Pohakuloa

 Ruth Aloua

Last night we drove through Pōhakuloa and I put my hand to the window.
I said the name, “Pōhakuloa.”
When the day comes to stand, will you stand with me?

This day will come within my lifetime.
I think of the aloha ʻāina patriots who gave the ultimate sacrifice
Who fought with their all to end this violence

For now I lift my hand and say the name
For every bomb dropped I say the name

When I think of my future
I think of my family
The letters I’ll write
To give my all and everything
For the lands we call home
The very fabric
That weaves our being
And unites us with all realms

Another great activation
Of the hearts of our people

#StoptheBombing #PrayforPohakuloa
PC: Camille Keawekane-Stafford