Climate Disaster & Nuclear War!

The Fire Next Time!

Climate disaster and nuclear war pose the two greatest threats to life on the planet.

      Poor Houston and the Gulf Coast region! The catastrophe is still unfolding with unprecedented rainfall and flooding from Hurricane Harvey. Houston is experiencing its third “500-year” flood in 3 years! The death toll is mounting as I write. Homes and businesses destroyed in the thousands. The damage to property very likely will be in the tens of billions of dollars.

      Houston is known as “Petro Metro” and is home to more than a dozen oil refineries. The people who live closest to these industrial sites are low income and minority communities. Poor people of color bear the greatest burden of climate change, harmful pollution, and have the fewest options when natural or man-made disaster strikes. They do not have vacation homes and private country clubs to relocate to like the Trump, Bush, and corporate CEO families. The ordinary people of Texas and Louisiana effected by this flooding need support and I encourage all of us to do what we can to help.

“God gave Noah the rainbow sign/ No more water/  the fire next time.”           








    The risk of nuclear war, by accident or design, is at it’s highest point since the end of the cold war. Tensions with North Korea, Russia, China, Iran, etc. could spiral out of control very quickly into the use of nuclear weapons. Accidents also happen as shown by two recent collisions of billion dollar U.S. warships. Any use of nuclear weapons in the world could make the catastrophe in Texas pale in comparison.

     Who is the biggest threat to world peace? Consider the following. The US has 800 military bases in 63 countries worldwide, and military personnel presently active in 156 countries. The US has been at war or in a military conflict for 224 of its 241 years in existence. The US defense budget is higher than the defense budgets of the next 8 countries combined. The US is the only country that has ever dropped a nuclear bomb on a population, killing 200,000 people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The US has 6,800 nuclear weapons and is planning to spend $1 trillion dollars to modernize its nuclear arsenal.

Malama Honua ( Take Care of the Earth)

Wage Peace Not War!


  1. Mourn all victims of violence. 2. Reject war as a solution. 3. Defend civil liberties.
    4. Oppose all discrimination, anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic, anti-Hawaiian, etc.
    5. Seek peace through peaceful means and work for justice in Hawai`i and around the world.

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