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Stop Bombing Hawaii!

Protect Pohakuloa By Ruth Aloua

I’m rising to my commitment

To speaking my truth
I’m not the type to cower
I’ll rise to my power
I’ll be transparent

My position is peace
It’s what my heart speaks

Even though I don’t hear the bombs drop
My heart still stops
At the sound of that terror
This must be an error

Peace is what they preach
But not what they teach
They swear to protect us
Yet still suppress us

People and power
Have become their
Moving targets

If you’ve heard that sound and
Felt that shake

You’ll know what it means
To have your heart drop

With the click of one tock
Those numbing emotions

Bodiless movements
That capture you in one moment

Your unwanted presence
Is not a secret
The tactics
You use to
Displace us
Erase us
Break us

Can’t conquer the
Love that
Flows through our
That unifies our people
That gives us the ability
To see clearly
Through this harsh reality
That’s painted with
False illusions that

Violence is needed in the pursuit of justice
Pain is necessary to knowing love
War is a part of our humanity

We deserve better
And so do our lands
Including our hearts
Its my demand

You don’t have to agree
It’s my truth, you see

#AlohaAina #ProtectPohakuloa #DemilitarizeHawaii #StoptheBombs

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