CNN United Shades of America Sunday July 1 at 4 & 7PM


CNN United Shades of America Sunday July 1 at 4 & 7PM

from Ku Ching

Please watch “United Shades of America” on CNN – Sunday, 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. This is one of the first times, if they should include it in their edit, that the “illegal annexation” and “u.s. occupation of Hawai’i” are mentioned on “national” tv. If the edit goes well – I am looking forward to an AWESOME show that will go a long way to educate all who watch it. Ku Kia’i Mauna!

HAWAI`I IN TRANSITION – Ke Aupuni Update – June 2018
By H.E. Leon Kaulahao Siu – Minister of Foreign Affairs – The Hawaiian Kingdom

Here’s a shocker – The Hawaiian Islands is not a part of the United States of America!
Over the years, through a series of illegal acts, the United States created the impression that Hawai`i was happily adopted into the U.S. family, when in reality Hawai`i was abducted… kidnapped!
The questions are – How do we break free from the grasp of the kidnapper? And, what can we do to rebuild our nation and our lives?
The first big challenge is freeing the Hawaiian Islands from captivity. The second is bringing healing and restoration to our kingdom to be a fully functioning independent country.
There are two fronts in which we are working to liberate our country: — at home in Hawai`i and internationally.
On The Home Front –
Understanding that it is up to us to liberate our country, Hawaiian nationals are engaged in the following activities at home –
Building the identity (citizenship base, body politic) of our nation, with educational programs, workshops, strategy sessions, media outreach and special events to restore our Hawaiian national identity* and the people’s confidence that we are eminently capable of running our own country. [* NOTE: This is about Hawaiian nationality, not Hawaiian ethnicity.]
Raising awareness and assuring our people that restoring our nation’s independence is vital to our future survival and prosperity… and that it is achievable.
Creating broad public acceptance and participation in the vision for an independent Hawai`i, using all aspects of the media to develop and coalesce the movement around our true history, our culture, our character and our vision of a free Hawai`i.
Coordinating the Hawaiian nationalist/activist network in the islands and overseas to promote peaceful acts of resistance, media events, celebrations, informational rallies, etc. to persuade the US to peacefully and gracefully withdraw from the Hawaiian Islands.
Updating the education system in Hawai`i to correct 125 years of American propaganda and indoctrination; to bring new respect, pride and appreciation for the achievements and legacy of our nation; utilizing the resurgence of the Hawaiian language and culture, especially among our younger generations.
Creating a Hawai`i national transitional authority to develop a roadmap for the transition of our country from being American-operated to being Hawaiian-operated. The transitional authority would be visionary, inclusive, innovative and bold in carrying the weight and responsibility to actualize the liberation of the Hawaiian Islands.
The movement in the Hawaiian Islands to free Hawai`i is growing and advancing. It is expected that 2018 will continue to see significant breakthroughs as discussions and constructive ideas are openly developed, shaped and implemented.
Tomorrow – Part Two – On The International Front
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