Testimony needed on Pohakuloa new construction

Major construction planned for the military Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA)

Link for EA at Pohakuloa $210 million in new construction

Deadline for comments is Aug. 7th. I would think at a minimum, before any demolition of those 123 existing buildings, there should be an independent thorough check for DU and other toxins from 75 years of military live-fire. Especially since we recorded numerous above background radiation readings just outside the main gate over the past 10 years. The should be a full EIS not simply an EA. There are lots of issues that should be addressed. But the biggest issue is that Pohakuloa is stolen lands and Pohakuloa is part of illegal US occupation.

See the draft EA here


Comments should be sent to usaghi.pao.comrel@us.army.mil

or Directorate of PublicWorks, Environmental Division (IMHW-PWE), attn: Lisa Graham 947 Wright Ave. Wheeler Army Airfield, Schofield Barracks, HI 96857-5013

Mahalo. Jim Albertini