Criticism on Military Pohakuloa Impact

Proposed $210 Million Military Pohakuloa Building Project Criticized

      Many people submitted testimony opposing the Environmental Assessment (EA) for the $210 million building project at the 133,000-acre Military Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA) located in the center of Hawaii Island. Here are just a few excerpts of testimony submitted:

“I disagree with the EA’s finding of No Significant Impact in regards to… Cumulative Impacts…  All cumulative impacts of activities, live fire training, hazardous waste and UXO accumulation need to be considered as these facility upgrades will perpetuate these impacts on the environment… This action is fundamental to the longevity of PTA and therefore must be considered in the cumulative context of all actions and impacts of the military at Pohakuloa.” Joseph Kualii Lindsey Camara

De-Militarize and De-Occupy Hawaii Now!

After well over a century, the United States of America continues to ignore the fact that the Hawaiian Islands were never annexed by the United States of America. The Hawaiian Kingdom remains an independent neutral state under the belligerent military occupation of the United States of America…  United States military training in Hawaii, with its associated contaminations of Hawaii’s land, sea, and airspace with military toxins, are intentionally inflicted harms constituting premeditated war crimes.” Isaac Paka Harp, Vice-President, Hawaiian Patriotic League

It must be assumed that the proposed project has a high probability of spreading DU oxide particles (Depleted Uranium) not only within Pohakuloa Training Area, but also to neighboring or down-wind areas off-base, such as the Girl Scout Camp and Mauna Kea Park, where families in vehicles using the Saddle Road can be exposed to negative health impacts of being exposed to DU. It is unconscionable for such a construction project to be carried out without a prior Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to mitigate potential negative health impacts.” Carol Stevenson, DrPH (Public Health)

Ohana Ho`opakele, a native Hawaiian organization, feels that the Environmental Assessment (EA) is wholly inadequate for the following reasons:  There is no mention of the dangers of Depleted Uranium (DU) oxide at all… There has been no study done on the psychological impacts to native Hawaiians caused by destruction of their cultural, traditional and sacred sites… Ohana Ho`opakele requests that a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) be required of this project.” Ronald Fujiyoshi, Treasurer Ohana Ho`opakele

The EA turns a blind eye to the significant, long-term environmental impacts of military actions, statewide, nationwide, and worldwide, that will be enabled by (PTA base) cantonment improvement.” Cory Harden

For ‘Aina, Justice, Peace, and Public Health – Shut Down PTA

For more complete testimonies on Pohakuloa EA see

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