Establishing Hawaii Pu’uhonua as alternative to prison

A Follow-up invitation to meet and pursue a Pu`uhonua as an alternate to prison!

Following the excellent meeting with Mr. Kaleihau Kamau`u last Thursday, the group decided to meet and pursue the concept of a Pu`uhonua as an alternate to prison. Meeting again is on Thursday, October 3, 2019 at 9 a.m. in the Youth Lounge of the Church of the Holy Cross, 440 W. Lanikaula St., in Hilo.

Kaleihau shared the history of the struggle to celebrate the Makahiki ceremony within the prison system and ended with his experience on Mauna Kea. The success of the Pu`uhonua on Mauna Kea has inspired us to further pursue the Pu`uhonua as the model needed for healing our pa`ahao. Punishment has never worked and must be eliminated from the criminal justice system.

Information on Act 117 passed by the Hawai`i legislature will be shared as well as the petition signed by more than 2,000 advocating for a Pu`uhonua.

Come with your ideas for the Pu`uhonua! Come to plan and act!

Ohana Ho’opakele Ron Fujiyoshi and Jim Albertini