Mauna Kea Protector Trial Friday, Jan. 31st in Hilo Court

Mauna Kea Kia’i (Protector) Trial Friday, Jan. 31st in Hilo Court 8:30 AM 2nd floor of court House (green roof bldg across from County and State buildings.)

On Trial for July 17, 2019 arrest for seeking to protect Mauna Kea are –Kaliko Kanaele, Jimmy Naniole, Danny Li, and Jim Albertini.  People are being tried in small groups rather than as a whole. Strange!!!!!

Please come and support if possible and pass the word to others. The trial is likely to go the whole day until 4:30PM and will likely continue beyond Friday.


Jim Albertini

PS  Danny Li and I are regulars at the Friday Hilo Peace Vigil.  Since this Friday we are likely to be tied up in court till at least 4:30PM if any of you have some time, even 10-15 min, please drop by the Hilo Peace Vigil to participate from 3:30-5PM.  Each week for going on 19 years we stand in the spirit of aloha adhering to the principles of nonviolence.  If hostility is directed at us, we return aloha, and not engage with the hostility which is rare.  There is a lot of support from people passing by on foot and in vehicles. Mahalo for joining the peace vigil whenever you can.

See this weeks peace leaflet on our website