April 30, 2021 Hilo Peace Vigil

Solidarity with “The Golden Rule”

On May 1, the Veterans for Peace historic Sail Boat “The Golden Rule” will set sail from Honolulu to San Francisco.  The sailboat has been in Hawaii for nearly 2 years doing educational work for peace and justice, including a Nuclear-Free, Hawaii, Pacific and World.  Below is a photo of the Golden Rule in Hilo Harbor in Aug. 2019 with Veterans for Peace Golden Rule president Gerry Condon. Gerry and others from the Golden Rule came up to the Mauna Kea Access Rd. in Aug 2019 to express solidarity in Protecting Sacred Mauna Kea from TMT development.


Below is a photo from the April 30, 2021 Hilo Peace Vigil with Golden Rule crew member Nolan from Seattle (3rd from left) along with other Golden Rule friends from Maine, Michigan, and the Boston area who came by to join the Hilo Peace Vigil in solidarity for peace and justice.  We express our gratitude and aloha for their solidarity.  They are truly living “The Golden Rule.”  Safe journey!