Hiroshima Never Again – Aug. 6, 2021 Hilo Peace Vigil leaflet

Hiroshima Never Again!

           Aug. 6th marks the anniversary of the U.S. dropping the first atomic bomb named “Little Boy” on the city of Hiroshima, Japan in 1945. Three days later, on Aug. 9th a second atomic bomb named “Fat Man” was dropped on Nagasaki. In two blinding flashes of light, heat and radiation, hundreds of thousands of people were killed. Many, many more were injured, suffered radiation poisoning, including genetic damage to future generations. The bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki were small by today’s standards. Today, the nuclear arsenals of the world can destroy the world many times over.

Nuclear Weapons Are Now Illegal under International Law.

      On January 22, 2021 the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) entered into force. The Treaty specifically prohibits State Parties from developing, testing, producing, manufacturing, acquiring, possessing, deploying, using or threatening to use nuclear weapons, and from assisting or encouraging such acts. The “Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty” as it is also known, was approved by 122 nations in the UN General Assembly in July 2017, and now ratified by more than the required 50 countries to become international law. Currently nine outlaw nations possess nuclear weapons: the U.S., Russia, United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, and Israel.

      Hawaii is a major U.S. military command center, staging and training ground for nuclear war. Camp H.M. Smith located on Oahu above Aloha Stadium is the U.S. Indo-Pacific Military Command center for more than half the earth. Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam is home to nuclear warships and B-2 strategic nuclear bombers. The Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA) is a training ground for nuclear war for all branches of the military. Radiation from military nuclear weapons training has contaminated the land on several Hawaiian islands (including Pohakuloa on Hawaii Island) and military nuclear waste has been dumped in Hawaiian waters.

Missile defense is a fraud, especially in a new age of hypersonic high-speed (maneuvering) missiles. The only real defense is to put an end to war.

The choice is not between violence and nonviolence but between nonviolence and nonexistence.” — Martin Luther King

No More War! War Never Again! Time for Global Ho’oponopono Not War!

1. Mourn all victims of violence. 2. Reject violence & war as solutions. 3. Defend civil liberties.
4. Oppose all discrimination, anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic,
anti-Hawaiian, anti-Black, anti-Asian, etc.
5. Seek peace through peaceful means and work for justice in Hawai`i and around the world.

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