Ancient Hawaiian Wetlands – Navy Chemical Dump – Threatens Ewa Shore Ecosystem

Ancient Hawaiian Wetlands – Navy Chemical Dump – Threatens Ewa Shore Ecosystem

From John Bond on Oahu

Hunt Corp admitted today in an HCDA Kalaeloa meeting that they are
stockpiling contaminated soils on a parcel next to homes, businesses, clinic.

HCDA Kalaeloa’s big dirty secret: Massive Navy contaminated dump
directly below identified ancient Hawaiian karst water pond, and
directly above US Fish & Wildlife endangered Hawaiian species preserve
where school children are given tours.

Few people are aware that the US Environmental Protection Agency opposed
this project in written testimony to the Navy. The Navy also has consistently
refused to acknowledge the Karst water flow system that is allowing the
contaminated soils from military bases all over Oahu that were dumped on
this site near the ocean to leach into the shoreline ecosystem and foodchain.

The chemicals in the soil contain known carcinogenic PCB’s and other
cancer causing chemicals. Many studies since 1999 have revealed these
are far more dangerous to humans and animals than Navy would admit when
they pushed the project over EPA objections two decades ago.

SB2386 SD2 HD2  signed by Gov. Ige into law

Prohibits any waste or disposal facility from being located in a
conservation district except in emergency circumstances to mitigate
significant risks to public safety and health. Requires no less than a
one-half mile buffer zone around residences, schools, and hospitals
for the construction, modification, or expansion of a waste or
disposal facility. Specifies that “waste or disposal facility”
excludes individual, state certified, non-industrial redemption
centers. (HD2)