Hawaii is a Military Sacrifice Zone! Time to Stand Up and say NO More!

Hawaii is a Military Sacrifice Zone! Time to Stand Up and say NO More!
Join the Weekly Friday Peace Vigil 3:30-5PM at the downtown Hilo Post Office/Federal Building. See this weeks peace leaflet below. Every week a new leaflet. Send us an email to be put on our list to receive our posts. Mahalo and please spread the word.
Jim Albertini
From Chemical Biological weapons tested in Hilo’s Water Shed — the Waiakea Forest Area along Stainback Hwy. to Red Hill Fuel tank leaks on Oahu ending up in people’s drinking water, to a wide range of toxins in live-fire training at Pohakuloa, including Depleted Uranium Oxide (DU oxide) dust particles blowing in the wind, contaminating people, plants, and animals –the air, water, and land — Hawaii is a Military Sacrifice Zone,
Authorities always act too little, too late. The military has been polluting air, water, and land for decades. They denied the dangers of Agent Orange for decades. “Deny and die” was their line to veterans. The same with Depleted Uranium (DU oxide poisoning, perchlorate, PFAS, etc. etc. Ground water around many bases where munitions and rockets are fired is polluted and causing cancer. Senators Schatz and Hirono, and Congressman Case and Kahele have done little to nothing about toxins at Pohakuloa blowing in the wind for decades including DU oxide. The military is Hawaii’s “Golden Calf” False God. Pohakuloa, (actually the entire Big Island), and all of Hawaii with its more than 100 US Military installations is a Military Sacrifice Zone) Read more https://malu-aina.org/?p=7759
Time to Close Red Hill tanks and don’t rebuild them anywhere. Time to Stop Bombing Pohakuloa, shut down and clean up Pohakuloa before more toxins spread. Time to de-militarize Hawaii and end the illegal US occupation of Hawaii.