May 19, 2023 Hilo Peace Vigil leaflet on Ukraine Mushroom Cloud Explosion

War in Ukraine – What’s


Huge Mushroom Cloud Blast Reported

Blast Ignites ‘Depleted Uranium’ Munitions!

    The blast resulted in a big, dirty bomb/Weapon of Mass Destruction explosion in Khmelnytskyi, Western Ukraine. Reports are that Russian drones struck a Ukraine ammunition depot holding British (and possibly other countries) Depleted Uranium anti-tank weapons recently given to Ukraine. The resulting radiation from the explosion will likely drift and persist for future generations. See the video of the explosions here: Widespread Radiation Contamination is feared! See radiation readings here:

      In last week’s (May 12, 2023) Hilo Peace leaflet I noted the following: “Great Britain, recently sent thousands of rounds of Depleted Uranium (DU) radiation weapons to Ukraine. Russia in response has placed nuclear weapons in Belarus. Tensions are mounting. The Russian Kremlin was recently bombed by drones… The fear is that… areas of Ukraine may become nuclear-contaminated sacrifice zones. If that happens, the war could quickly escalate to a global nuclear war with the entire planet becoming a nuclear sacrifice zone. It now appears a nuclear sacrifice zone has been created in Ukraine and likely beyond. How large a zone remains to be seen. The dangers of war escalation now appear to be increasing dramatically. Stand up and Speak out for peace.

Stop the War Madness NOW before it’s too Late!       

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