Great Letter to the Editor by Danny Li

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Sent: Tue, May 30, 2023 1:13 pm
Subject: The “debt ceiling” charade


The disgraceful and dysfunctional bipartisan “debt ceiling” charade exposes a basic–but completely suppressed–truth, namely, that the 2-party ruling elite in Washington is genetically committed to a Forever War Economy that guarantees unlimited wealth to the top 1% while denying a living wage or a decent Universal Health system for the vast majority of the other 99%.

But there is a simple–yet elegant–3-step solution to this fraudulent impasse:
1) STOP the salary checks to the 3 branches of the Federal government, starting at the White House, all 535 “CON”gressional members, the 9 unethical Supreme Court “justices,” the pompous Cabinet  talking heads like A. Blinken at State, J. Yellen at Treasury, L. Austin at the War Dept.(conveniently renamed, DoD–“Defense”– in 1947 for public consumption/hypnosis);
2) Put a mandatory 3 to 6-month hold on payments to all weapons contractors to the DoD, until a thorough independent audit is done at the  Pentagon (the only Department that has never gone thru an audit–and past history shows it likely would never pass!), with strict provisions for billion $ “claw backs” on all non-bid and cost-overrun contracts;
3) Repeal immediately all  the T-Rump era tax giveaways($5 Trillion or more!) to the top billionaires that were passed by both Democrat & Republican legislators, and enact new legislation that top income earners pay at least double  the tax rate for working class taxpayers;
Voila! If the spineless CONgress can muster enough courage to pass these 3 fair and effective measures, I will even bet my–delayed–Social Security check for June that the so-called “debt ceiling” impasse/charade will be resolved in record time. And 99% of the nation will cheer like it was the 1945 VJ Day all over again!
Peace & Aloha,
Danny H.C. Li (Kea’au, Hawai’i) Tel: 8-8-291-0696