1% and Wall St. Class Warfare against the 99%

Aloha Kakou,

Today I learned about a gated community in Hawaii called Kukio, first makai entrance north of the Kona airport. I was told Low End homes go for $8 million. 1/2 to 1 acre lots have sold there for up to $30 million. There is a home in there that cost $169 million, though I understand for lower tax purposes is said to be $20 million. Talk about the 1% scheming to avoid paying their fair share. I’d drive to Kona to join in protest at the Kukio highway entrance or on the King’s trail that is a public sidewalk running through all those developments along the South Kohala/Kona coast. First amendment rights apply on the King’s trail, as well as the shoreline/beaches. Anybody for researching at the tax office who the owners of the approximately 200 homes at Kukio are? Merrill Lynch is said to have built 3 homes in the $25 million range on the Kona coast, perhaps at Kukio or nearby 4 Seasons resort.

Holiday season is coming up. Good time to protest the 1% when the more than 50 –half billion dollar each –private jets are parked at the Kona airport for little more than what it costs us to park our car overnight at the airport. Talk about the 1% not paying their fair share again
The latest bank scam that is coming down is this. The Big Investment Banks are each transferring tens of TRILLIONS of dollars in derivatives (risky bets) into FDIC government insured accounts in their commercial banks. For example –Merrill Lynch (now owned by Bank of America) is transferring $55 TRILLION OF DERIVATIVES into Bank of America FDIC accounts. FDIC bank accounts were designed to¬† insure safe savings accounts not risky bet derivatives. If Merrill Lynch and the 1% make money on derivatives they pocket the profits. If they lose, they transfer the loss to us — the 99% taxpayers. We need to tell Merrill Lynch, and those in Washington that are charged with regulating these Banksters, –TAKE YOUR DERIVATIVES OUT OF FDIC ACCOUNTS. WE WILL NOT BAIL YOU OUT AGAIN!