Sunday, Feb. 18, 2024 Protest at Pohakuloa Main Gate

Stop Bombing Gaza &

Stand up & Speak Out

Sunday, Feb. 18, 2024 – 10 AM till Noon

Pohakuloa Main Gate

Call County, State, and Federal elected officials for 1. An immediate and permanent Ceasefire in Gaza; 2. End all US military aid to Israel; 3. Terminate the Hawaii/Israel Strategic partnership signed in Oct. 2022; 4. Stop US Bombing of Yemen.

Call for 1. An immediate end to all bombing and live fire at the Pohakuloa Toxic Area (PTA) contaminated with a wide range of toxins from 75 years of bombing and shelling, including Depleted Uranium radiation. These tiny DU oxide particles can be carried long distances in the wind and cause various cancers if inhaled. 2 Cancel, not renew, 23,000 acres of State leased conservation zone land for bombing at PTA. 3. Revoke the presidential Executive Order signed in 1964 that seized 84,000 acres of Hawaiian crown and government lands at Pohakuloa at zero cost for bombing. 4. Make the military clean up its toxic mess and return the lands to the Hawaiian people.

Bombing a dry, windy area like Pohakuloa is a Lahaina fire in the making! Many fires have been started, and large areas burned, by bombing and shelling at PTA. The extremes of climate change are only adding to the risks of further disaster.

Please spread the word. Mahalo.

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