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Dept. of Interior hearing 6-9PM Wed. July 2nd at Kawananakoa gym in Keaukaha

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Aloha Peace Ohana,
     The DOI meeting set for Wednesday night at Keaukaha Cafeteria has been moved to Kawananakoa Gym from 6pm till 9pm to accommodate a larger crowd.  I urge you to attend this important meeting in solidarity with Kanaka Maoli opposing the DOI’s attempt to do through executive action what the Akaka bill tried to do through Congressional action — that is to subvert what justice demands. Justice demands the restoration of the independent nation of Hawaii.

There is also a US senate debate between Brian Schatz and Colleen Hanabusa at the same time in Hilo at the downtown Sangha Hall.  I was originally planning to go to the Senate debate and hold signs for peace outside the event before the DOI meeting was scheduled.

Jim Albertini

State Operation blocks off Stainback Highway and violates free speech rights for Kulani Prison Reactivation ceremony

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

State Operation blocks off Stainback Highway and violates free speech rights for Kulani Prison Reactivation ceremony

Dear State & County officials and County prosecutor:
Please investigate the violation of citizen civil rights today
The State Sheriff’s Dept, together with DLNR blocked off the State Stainback highway at the North Kulani Rd intersection approximately 8-10 miles from the Kulani  prison main gate.  They were checking everyone’s ID  against an invitation list to the ceremony to allow them to proceed.  We of Ohana Ho’opakele were all blocked from proceeding to the main gate area to conduct our peaceful protest of the Kulani reactivation ceremony and even a hunter who wanted to look for his lost dog was turned away.  When I asked the head Sheriff guy –“By what authority are you blocking public access on a state highway?”  He pointed to his badge and said it was a “state operation.”
Please investigate this violation of our civil liberties to travel on a state highway to peacefully protest the State’s failure to follow Act 117 that said Kulani should be the site of a Pu’uhonua unless a better site can be found, and that the state should be working with Ohana Ho’opakele to establish the Pu’uhonua.
This police State tactic by the Sheriffs Dept. and DLNR is shameful.  Even the County police were involved.  They showed up and yielded to the Sheriffs Dept. Police Officer B. Watanabe badge # 113 was one of the police present.
Jim Albertini

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