U.S. Newtown Massacres in Afghanistan’s

U.S. Tax Dollars at Work!



      More “collateral damage” in Afghanistan this morning, (April 8, 2013) as al Jazeera reports “There were conflicting figures of the death toll, but Karzai’s office later said 11 people were killed – all of them children – and six women were wounded” [photo above]  President Karzai did his usual condemning act in his role of pretending he is not a US puppet. 

      We will be told by President Obama, if he even notices, that this was an accident, and that when we bomb houses without knowing who’s inside and later find out, to our surprise, that not all who died were scary al Qaeda terrorists, it’s simply regrettable.  Tomorrow we will do this again, and the next day, and the next.  Mainstream media will not notice there’s anything wrong with this, but relatives and fellow villagers will know who the enemy is, and commit to helping insurgents all they can, to the delight of the Nuclear Mafia, who clean up from endless war as they finance the political campaigns of our elected officials.

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