Pu’uhonua NOT More Prisons

Below is an important message from Ron Fujiyoshi for Ohana Ho’opakele.  We need your support on this. Mahalo.
Jim Albertini

Dear Ohana Ho`opakele members and friends,

Thanks to Representative Roy Takumi HB 2423 was submitted on time.  Enclosed is the present form of the bill.  Also enclosed is Ms. Gaylene Chang Nikora’s excel sheet on her figures for the Pu`uhonua (three years).  Roy did not include everything so the figures may have to be revised, etc.dd  This way Uncle Joe Tassill and the Oahu team can see the rationale of how these figures were obtained.  Gaylene may have to take another look and see if we want to revise anything.
We need to be ready to submit testimony and to go down to testify.  HB 2423 was assigned to two committees: Public Safety and Finance.
The Committee on Public Safety is chaired by Henry Aquino, Vice is Kaniela Ing.  Committee members are: Sharon Har, Roy Takumi, Gregg Takayama, Linda Ichiyama, Ryan Yamane, Mark Nakashima, Kyle Yamashita and Bob McDermott.  If you have any pull with any of them, please contact them.
The Finance Committee probably come later; It is chaired by Sylvia Luke, Vice-chairs are Aaron Ling Johanson and Scott Nishimoto.  There are a lot of committee members.
Please prepare for your testimony on this bill.  It may come up for a hearing anytime.  We may need Uncle Joe Tassill to warn us when the hearing may be.
We each can go to the website at www.capitol.hearing.gov/measure and type in HB 2423.  It will tell you when the hearing is set.
This is the followup to Act 117 that will provide the funds for the Pu`uhonua at Kulani.  If our lawsuit can stop the process of opening up a minimum security prison at Kulani, these funds will be in place for the Pu`uhonua.  There is some talk of Hale Nani becoming an alternative site for the Pu`uhonua but that is to be seen.
No where in the USA or Hawai`i has a modern Pu`uhonua been developed to replace the prison.  We here in Hawai`i can be the first to show what CAN succeed!  We have d#1893 signers on our Kahea advocating for a Pu`uhonua on every island.
Please mobilize people to go down to testify, or, as an alternative, to submit written testimony.  It is easy by email; just go to the website at www.capitol.hawaii.gov/measure, type in HB 2423 and it will get you on the page where there is a button to submit testimony.  You can either type in your testimony, or cut and paste from a prepared statement and paste it into the testimony space.
Any questions, email back!
Ron Fujiyoshi
for Ohana Ho`opakele