“Challenging Corporate Rule and Creating Democracy”

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Jim Albertini

UH Hilo, UCB 100
7pm Free

Barnstorming Event with David Cobb

Challenging Corporate Rule and Creating Democracy


Global HOPE, Occupy Hilo and the Green Party of Hawai’i announces that Move to Amend national spokesperson David Cobb, attorney and lifelong activist, will be speaking, on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27TH, 2014, at UH HILO IN UCB100, at 7:00pm, in an effort to build connections, inspire activism, and reveal the origins of corporate power in America.

The Move to Amend Coalition is a national partnership of over 328,000 people and hundreds of organizations whose goal is to amend the U.S. Constitution to end corporate rule by building a multiracial, cross-class democracy movement. David’s presentations are part history lesson and part heart-felt call-to-action! “Challenging Corporate Rule & Creating Democracy” aims to help local folks understand how they can work to abolish corporate personhood and establish a government of, by, and for the people.

David Cobb is National Projects Director of Democracy Unlimited. He has sued corporate polluters, lobbied elected officials, run for political office himself, and has been arrested for non-violent civil disobedience. He truly believes we must use ALL the tools in the toolbox to effect the systemic social change we so desperately need.

In 2002 David ran for Attorney General of Texas, pledging to use the office to revoke the charters of corporations that repeatedly violate health, safety and environmental laws. Though he did not win the office, the Green Party of Texas grew dramatically during his campaign from four local chapters to twenty-six. In 2004, he ran for President of the United States on the Green Party ticket and successfully campaigned for the Ohio recount.

Sponsored by Global HOPE, Occupy Hilo, and the Green Party of Hawai’i



UH Hilo, UCB 100

Free – Public Welcome

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