Issues on a Grand Scale

Climate Change is

Overriding Issue of


But like lemmings, many humans race to the cliff!

      While there are many pressing issues of justice, peace, and environmental destruction facing us here in Hawaii and in every country around the world, there is no question that on the grand scale of issues like Nuclear War, Climate Change trumps all. It is an issue of species destruction. Symbolic of how humanity is growing very short of time in addressing changes that need to be made to deal with this human-made disaster, here is a short video that teaches climate change in one minute and 31 seconds:

      The end of “normal” is here already. The climate changes are already upon us and accelerating at an alarming rate. Here on Hawaii island the NOAA weather observatory located on Mauna Loa recorded the monthly average for CO2 in the atmosphere at 401.33ppm. In early May 2014, the U.S. federal government’s National Climate Assessment, the national scientific community’s definitive statement on the current and future impacts of greenhouse gas emissions was released.

      Compiling the efforts of 300 leading climate scientists and experts, the message is “bleak” as the NCA details how human-caused global warming is being felt “here and now” nationwide. As a consequence of the nearly two degree Fahrenheit rise which occurred throughout the country over the past century, the report says, Americans are experiencing water scarcity in dry regions, increasing torrential rains in wet ones, increasingly severe heat waves, worsening wildfires, and the death of forests as a result of heat-loving invasive insect species. And all of this is likely to worsen as average temperatures continue to increase. The authors… estimate that global warming could exceed 10 degrees Fahrenheit in the United States by the end of this century.

      Following its release, many noted that the report provides an abrupt wake-up call to politicians and the fossil fuel industry, saying that their ongoing denial of mankind’s disruptive impact on the planet has significantly hastened many of these dangerous effects. “As our communities reel from droughts, floods, forest fires, fossil fuel disasters, crop failures and more, it becomes harder for these polluters and those aligned with them to hide just how out of touch from reality they are,” said Trip Van Noppen, president of Earthjustice. “The divide between the fossil-fuel industry’s misguided attempts to place profits above the needs of our families and communities grows as each new scientific report is released,” Van Noppen continued. “The National Climate Assessment paints a bleak picture, but it is a picture we have seen clearly for many years, and we have to act on it now.”

          Time to Mother Earth!
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