Letter to the editor on Mauna Kea

Letter to the editor:

“We can’t keep on desecrating.”

All people of faith, whose god is not the dollar, — Catholics, Methodist, UCC, New Hope, etc. need to stand in solidarity with Native Hawaiian practitioners in prayer and action for the sacred temple –Mauna a Wakea  — Mauna Kea?  Kaliko Kanaele of the Royal Order of Kamehameha put the matter sharply in reference to the $1.4 billion, 18 story, Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) planned for the Mauna when he said: “We can’t keep on desecrating.”  Kaliko’s words of wisdom apply not only to Mauna Kea but equally to the continued bombing at Pohakuloa, the drilling into Pele for geothermal energy, and the overall profit driven pollution of the planet causing a global climate crisis.  It is time for all people of faith to come together and put the sacred before the almighty dollar and demonstrate through our actions what God or Gods to whom we pray.  Stopping the TMT (Too Many Telescopes) on Mauna Kea would be a good start.

Jim Albertini