Disappointed in your vote on Res 22-14

Hawaii County Council voted 5-4  in support of Res 22.14 to appeal Judge Barry Kurren's decision against Hawaii County's GMO ban law.

Thank God for Council Chair, Dru Kanuha, voted FOR Res. 22-14.  His vote saved the male reputation.  Otherwise it would have been all females For and all males Against.


To Council members Aaron Chung, Greggor Iligan, Dennis Onishi, and Danny Paleka who voted NO


Aloha Council members,

Like you, I sat through many hours of testimony today and was very moved by what I heard from a broad cross section of our island in support of Res. 22-14. (As usual Dennis Onishi was absent for much of the testimony.) I was especially moved by young Hawaiian families, the children speaking for their future of aloha aina, and even Vietnam vets making links between Agent Orange chemical warfare and the toxic chemicals used in GMOs produced by the same companies.

Fair and open democracy is under attack all across the U.S. by big money vested interests. It is concentrating more and more power in the hands of a few.  Corruption is blatant.  Big money is buying votes.  The higher you go the more money will flow. In many areas Big Money is succeeding: Wall St. deregulation and FDIC insuring derivatives, spiking campaign contribution by the super rich, giveaways of public lands for fracking, and the effort to require labels on GMO foods.  Counties throughout Hawaii have been different.  People have spoken up and their votes and voices counted in passing local ordinances to control GMOs.

I was very disappointed to see that you voted NO on Res. 22 – 14 to deny our GMO law to go through the court process on appeal. By your vote you have taken a clear stand, not only against the voice of the people of Hawaii County but our right to our day in court.   This issue is about our right of Home Rule in standing up to powerful corporate interests.  Instead of standing with us, you have chosen to stand with money and power.  In short you have chosen to stand for corporate occupation of government, corporate occupation of our economy, our food and our future.  Instead of standing for aloha aina, and the vision and hopes expressed by all the people, especially the young people, who testified so eloquently today, you have chosen to stand for the short sighted profits of chemical warfare companies that don’t give a rip about the children and future of Hawaii County.  Greed is their game and poison is their name.

Shame on you Aaron Chung, Dennis Ohishi, Greggor Iligan, and Danny Paleka.  You disgrace yourselves, your families, your public office and the democratic process.

These are strong words but I want you to know that I never give up on anyone, including myself.  I believe in redemption, but Mama Aina, the living God, is telling all of us that we are pushing the limits.  Poisons in our air, water, soil, rising cancers, climate change, intense storms, etc. etc.  She is telling us in terms that are crystal clear: we better listen and change our ways.  Time is running short.

Jim Albertini