Rep. Clift Tsuji Should Resign

Rep. Clift Tsuji Should Resign

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Aloha kakou,
I found Rep. Clifton Tsuji’s action on Feb. 19, 2015, as chair of the Hawaii House of Representatives Agriculture committee, killing HB1514 to provide pesticide buffer zones around schools to be repulsive. I wrote a letter to the editor.  The letter was published in full in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald on 2/24/15 page A-4.
Letter: ‘Poison Award’
‘Shame on Rep. Clift Tsuji from Hawaii island for killing the bill for pesticide buffer zones around schools, HB1514. What kind of person won’t protect kids from pesticide poisoning?  And it’s reported that as House Ag committee chair, he even cut off testimony from people who flew from neighbor islands to testify. How low can a politician go?  Tsuji unfortunately has become a mascot for corporate special interests, even given the dubious distinction of Biotech legislator of the year.  He should now be given the “poison award” by school children throughout Hawaii.  As a former banker, now politician, Tsuji deserves to be publicly shamed and exposed as a legislator that acts against the common good, including children’s health and safety.
Jim Albertini
Kurtistown, Hawaii

House Ag committee chair Tsuji’s treatment of the public at the hearing of HB1514 was disgraceful and showed little or no respect for the citizens who traveled from neighbor islands to testify. While the Hearing Notice clearly said, in bold letters that testifiers would have at least two minutes to testify, many were not even offered that pittance of an opportunity to participate and were cut off by Rep. Tsuji.  Vice Chair Richard Onishi should have spoken up about the sham process taking place.  Before the chair killed HB1514 —  I only heard one House committee member speak up about the insulting way citizens were treated by the chair.  Where were other voices.  Silence is consent.

Watch the video,  It’s all on camera.

Below is Tsuji’s “Poison Award” and a cartoon of Clift Tsuji as a GMO Monsanto-mouse. Please feel free to  make copies and distribute widely.  Clift Tsui has become a GMO corporate mascot and a disgrace to the democratic process.  If he had any decency left, he would resign.

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