Stop the Prison-Bed Business

Press Release for Immediate Release
Feb. 15, 2016
Ohana Ho’opakele
further contact: Palikapu Dedman, President 959-4930, 959-9775
Re: Ohana Ho’opakele calls on Governor Ige to Stop the Prison-Bed Business

The letter below “Stop the Prison-Bed Business” was sent to Hawaii Governor, David Ige, by Ohana Ho’opakele president, Palikapu Dedman on Feb. 11, 2016.  It opposes the building of a new $485 million dollar prison and proposes 3 specific constructive alternatives that will save the state money, reduce crime, and help heal our communities, especially Native Hawaiians who are disproportionately represented in prison.

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February 10, 2016

Hawaii Governor David Ige

State Capitol

Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Dear Governor Ige,

Stop the Prison-Bed Business

      Before the State of Hawaii attempts to embark on fast tracking the building of a $485 million new prison without broad and transparent community discussion and without even an Environmental Impact Assessment or Statement, there are actions that we in Ohana Ho’opakele propose that you and the the State legislature take.

  1. Follow the Federal and many state examples of reviewing disproportionately long prison sentences and release prisoners in Hawaii who have already served long sentences. The Feds have already released 6,000 prisoners, as many prisoners as Hawaii has locked up today.
  2. Review the disproportionate number of Hawaiians locked up. Dr. RaeDeen Keahiolalo-Karasuda, PhD says that Hawaiians, who make up 20% of the State’s population, represent more than 60% of those imprisoned. Take action to correct this racist disproportionate imprisonment and length of sentences against Hawaiians. (See A Report of the Hawai`i Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights, September 2011)
  3. Follow the call of Ohana Ho’opakele and establish modern day Pu’uhonua on all islands as alternative to prisons. Also establish community-based Ho’oponopono centers on all islands to help heal conflicts and resolve small community problems before they turn into major crimes.

The above actions will save the State money, reduce crime, and help heal our communities. 40 years ago the State’s Correctional Master Plan talked about the need for alternatives to prison, but the alternatives were never seriously implemented. Don’t make the same mistake again. Before building another prison, first, take action on the above matters and there will be no need to build a new prison. Hawaiians and the general public taxpayers will all benefit when we stop the prison-bed business. Mahalo and aloha.

Palikapu Dedman

President of Ohana Ho’opakele