Respect & Protect the Sacred!

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President Obama wants to find a route for the Dakota Access Pipeline that does not cross sacred Sioux tribal lands.  But there is no “safer” route.
There is no route that does not involve crossing vulnerable rivers and other waterways.
There is no route that does not involve transporting fossil fuel, which, if burned, will add to the carbon load on the environment.
There is no route that will not put millions of people and wildlife at risk.
There is no route that does not increase the threat to the environment and increase the level of global warming.
There should be no other route.  DAPL should not be built.  
Dial the White House at 202-456-1111 to tell President Obama the Army Corps of Engineers should deny all permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

From Mauna Kea to Standing Rock and the world over —

Protect & Respect the Sacred!