oral testimonies of people against Military lease renewals

Below are the oral testimonies of people against Military lease renewals.  Not one testimony in favor of lease renewal.  All opposed.  Some incredible testimony.  Very powerful.  Mahalo to Kimchi Compost for the list of names and times of testimony.
You can also submit written comments throughout the scoping period until Sept. 1, 2021 (postmark date if mailed).
Option 1: Written comments may be submitted electronically online or by email to usarmy.hawaii.nepa@mail.mil
Option 2: Written comments may be mailed to:
Oʻahu ATLR EIS Comments
P.O. Box 3444
Honolulu, HI 96801-3444


Oʻahu ATLR EIS Public Scoping - Aug. 11

In case you didn’t get to watch last night’s amazing aloha ‘āina fest to get #militarylandback, here’s the link. I sure hope they keep it online forever because this is one amazing historical document. I made a list of the speakers with (approximate) time stamps. Apologies for any spelling errors!

:36 Ikaika Ramones
:38 Koohan Paik Mander
:44 Aree Worawongwasu
:49 Darius Kila
:52 Ingrid
:57 Aipohaku
1:00 Banner
1:01 Kaipo
1:04 Mickey Weems
1:06 Mikey Inouye
1:08 Bronson Azama
1:11 Kyle Kajhiro
1:15 Kari Labrador
1:17 Kauwila
1:20 Summer Kamalia Mullins Ibrahim
1:26 Abigail Rose
1:28 Tom Iwanicki
1:31 Sorcha
1:35 Vernon
1:35 Lu Fabraito
1:36 Fabienne Melchior
1:38 Pete Doktor
1:42 Jason Alexander
1:45 Kaukaohu Wahilani
1:47 Seiji Yamada
1:49 Sofronio Estores
1:52 Dr. Arcy Imasa
1:56 Lauren Ballesteros
2:00 Jaerick Medeiros
2:04 Sheila
2:05 Adele
2:08 Tara Rojas
2:12 Councilwoman Tsuneyoshi
2:16 Manny Kuloloio
2:20 Tom Sharai
2:26 Heiley Hacoba
2:27 Leslie Gabrielle
2:30 Jim Albertini
2:32 Chezeri
2:35 Dr. Kioni Dudley
2:38 Koutaro Yuuji
2:39 Banner
2:42 Tina Grandinetti
2:44 Manuel Kuloloio
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