Poem by Tomas Belsky

Pau is Now!

by Tomas Belsky

         Times up, comrades
It’s the end of the game
you played it wrong
now you’re going insane.
You spoiled the water
the air and the land
Perhaps Madam Pele
will help you understand.
Her fiery fingers keep rolling along
she dont need us
she got her own sweet song.
It’s all over
When Pele says “Pau”
and brothers and sisters
Pau is now

Did you make enough money
when the gettin was good?
Did you help your brother and sister
in the depressed neighborhood?
or did you carry on
like it was none of your bizzness?
When you cut down the trees
did you think of the birds?
when you poisoned the waters
did you think of the fish?
What kind of stewards of the good earth
have you been?
Don’t you think
you’ve committed the ultimate sin?

Pau is now
Madam Pele’s coming!